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The Truth Shall Make You Free, South Africa.

I was born in 1948, the year the National Party first came to power in South Africa. In spite of arguments to the contrary, I never found their hate-filled message attractive. So, apart from paying taxes, I did nothing to advance their cause.

Why not? Unlike a majority of my fellow white South Africans and in spite of indoctrination, propaganda, technology, etc I never supported them because their argument was based on a lie. If Europeans are superior, as many believed at the time, why was it necessary to introduce legislation that protected white people and discriminated against black people. Surely it was black rather than white people who deserved protection of the law, and not the other way around. The reason I never supported them was because of this lie which lay at the heart their argument. Stand up and take a bow Beyers Naude.

Likwewise many hunters would have one believe they are ardent naturalists and conservationists. Anyone who claims to be a conservationist yet enjoys killing the object of his affection is either lying or insane. 

Watching the run-up to the recent presidential elections in the USA, it occurred to me that the Republican campaign under Mitt Romney was also based on a lie. Romney’s argued that he represents the rich and powerful and one should support them because they are successful businessmen responsible for creating the wealth and growth that is in everyone’s best interests. Alternatively, in the words of John F Kennedy: "A rising tide lifts all boats". However, the fact is that organizations with less than 50 employees have been responsible for all growth in North America, Europe and Japan in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Growth of the large organizations Romney represents has been sluggish and the sector has been shedding jobs.  Worse still they committed economic treason, moving factories from the USA to places like China. Stand up and take a bow Barack Obama

Ordinary people are not fooled by such lies. In the words or Abraham Lincoln: “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”. 

Incidentally it is unsurprising that the world is in such a mess at present. What has happened is that the rich and powerful have gained control of the world’s media, parliaments, military, international organizations like the WTO, the IMF,  the G8 nations, etc. However they are now hoist by their own petard and have no idea how to solve the sovereign debt crisis, sluggish growth in spite of very low interest rates, etc. The solutions they advocate clearly don’t work. Why not? I will give them a clue -- ordinary people don’t believe their lies anymore. And another clue: The only countries in Western Europe that continue to have low unemployment and low national debt are Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Is it a co-incidence that they are the only countries in WE that have maintained national apprenticeship programs? I think not. They are successful because they continue to develop and train ordinary people to do something creative and useful. In other words, the solution to the problem lies in empowering the weak, the poor and disadvantaged rather than the rich and powerful. Now where have I heard that before? One last clue – this message is approximately 2000 years old. Take a bow Nelson Mandela and Aung Sung Suu Kyi.

Alan McIver, Dubai, January 2013 

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